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Labor Force

Total Establishment and Employees (2011)

30-mile Drive Time60-mile Drive Time90-mile Drive Time
Total Establishments1,6395,78018,597
Total Employees18,35659,113206,358
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

Total Establishments by Size (2011)

30-minute Drive Time60-minute Drive Time90-minute Drive Time
1-4 Employees9833,64111,314
5-9 Employees3301,1003,577
10-19 Employees1585111,779
20-49 Employees1143371,255
50-99 Employees31110405
100-249 Employees1251192
250-499 Employees71745
500-999 Employees41125
1000 Employees007
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

Total Businesses by Establishment Type (2011)

30-minute Drive Time60-minute Drive Time90-minute Drive Time
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing93697
Agricultural Services846183
Coal and Ore Mining028
Oil and Gas006
General Construction2076243
Heavy Construction48170576
Food Manufacturing51129
Tobacco Manufacturing022
Textile Mills136
Apparel and Textile Manufacturing1715
Lumber and Wood Production72893
Furniture Manufacturing11153
Paper Manufacturing2620
Printing and Publishing931109
Petroleum Refining036
Rubber and Plastics31240
Leather Manufacturing025
Stone, Glass, and Concrete2620
Metals Fabrication102482
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing2462209
Travel Services3519
Transport Services2723
Durable Wholesale51174632
Non Durables Wholesale2178285
Building Materials, Hardware and Garden2292287
General Merchandise Stores1771226
Food Markets2171201
Convenience Stores1859179
Other Food Stores92490
Auto Dealers and Gas Stations86296808
Clothing Stores2359259
Furniture Stores1646150
Home Furnishings1540128
Electronics and Computer Stores61449
Music Stores31126
Other Food Service1050163
Drug Stores1860144
Liquor Stores0947
Specialty Stores77249825
Catalog and Direct Sales2424
Banks and Financial Institutions64209671
Insurance Carriers2936
Insurance Agents and Brokers30100409
Real Estate42151552
Hotels and Lodging1347134
Dry Cleaning and Laundry103498
Beauty and Barber Shops52195611
Other Personal Service33115342
Computer Services61571
Other Business Services2892408
Auto Repair/Services65206631
Miscellaneous Repair Services1663196
Motion Pictures112575
Entertainment and Recreation Services2080240
Health and Medical Services1114201,379
Legal Services2786385
Primary and Secondary Education38121341
Colleges and Universities3527
Social Services32164429
Child Care Services1345175
Museums and Zoos31234
Membership Organizations1104241,266
Professional Services25103408
Unclassified Establishments225114
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

Total Employees by Establishment Type (2011)

30-minute Drive Time60-minute Drive Time90-minute Drive Time
Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing27111341
Agricultural Services46199977
Coal and Ore Mining02379
Oil and Gas0019
General Construction2867071,967
Heavy Construction3311,1144,607
Food Manufacturing4618951,534
Tobacco Manufacturing066
Textile Mills374119
Apparel and Textile Manufacturing129671,049
Lumber and Wood Production978513,152
Furniture Manufacturing131,94110,741
Paper Manufacturing4321,1581,591
Printing and Publishing5887001,873
Petroleum Refining0717
Rubber and Plastics3706493,434
Leather Manufacturing03754
Stone, Glass, and Concrete23100392
Metals Fabrication7441,1764,496
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing1,8802,8568,956
Travel Services71344
Transport Services108122611
Durable Wholesale2271,3478,506
Non Durables Wholesale1128194,267
Building Materials, Hardware and Garden1837312,620
General Merchandise Stores9202,2377,171
Food Markets3061,0133,001
Convenience Stores74225827
Other Food Stores322357646
Auto Dealers and Gas Stations5432,2115,871
Clothing Stores1031951,526
Furniture Stores911,2421,800
Home Furnishings491351,107
Electronics and Computer Stores1659392
Music Stores82681
Other Food Service1415441,721
Drug Stores1324731,209
Liquor Stores028132
Specialty Stores1,0062,0654,627
Catalog and Direct Sales8108285
Banks and Financial Institutions3641,3555,831
Insurance Carriers72582
Insurance Agents and Brokers953351,798
Real Estate1085342,348
Hotels and Lodging1202581,142
Dry Cleaning and Laundry46106575
Beauty and Barber Shops1444571,681
Other Personal Service1454081,280
Computer Services2376429
Other Business Services2016072,718
Auto Repair/Services1715702,178
Miscellaneous Repair Services30132509
Motion Pictures3678254
Entertainment and Recreation Services1113981,415
Health and Medical Services5271,8727,688
Legal Services792411,301
Primary and Secondary Education1,1744,05612,815
Colleges and Universities3013091,956
Social Services1921,0393,914
Child Care Services1425081,648
Museums and Zoos551131
Membership Organizations5902,1445,204
Professional Services1064032,974
Unclassified Establishments4119322
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

Total Employees Occupation (2011)

30-minute Drive Time60-minute Drive Time90-minute Drive Time
Executive, Managers, and Administrators1,7945,66519,765
Professional Specialty Occupations2,3498,01328,766
Sales Professionals4061,2874,669
Technologies and Technicians4651,7476,890
Sales Workers and Clerks2,2756,44721,326
Administrative Support Workers2,9209,64934,832
Technical, Sales, and Administrative: Field Occupations40176598
Private Household Service009
Protective Services2969233,387
Other Services: Site Based2,5278,38028,501
Other Services: Field Based44222765
Farming, Forestry, and Fishing3901,4655,771
Precision, Craft, and Repair: Site Based2,0316,39221,761
Construction, Repair, and Mining: Field Based6541,8435,856
Machine Operators, Assemblers, and Inspectors8202,4398,059
Transportation and Materials Moving Workers6872,3408,107
Handlers, Helpers and Laborers6542,0166,965
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

Total Employees by Major SIC (2011)

30-minute Drive Time60-minute Drive Time90-minute Drive Time
Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishing SIC Range 01-09733101,318
MiningSIC 10-1402398
ConstructionSIC 15-176171,8216,574
ManufacturingSIC 20-394,62311,52837,713
Transportation and CommunicationsSIC 40-497902,9308,550
Wholesale TradeSIC 50-513392,16612,773
Retail TradeSIC 52-594,86814,76144,546
Finance, Insurance, and Real EstateSIC 60-695742,24910,059
ServicesSIXC 70-895,26018,96570,056
Public AdministrationSIC 90-981,2074,24214,344
UnclassifiedSIC 994119322
Source: Applied Geographic Solutions, 2012. Report provided by TVA

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