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Workforce Training

Mississippi Community Colleges – Mississippi Corridor Consortium

In order to meet existing industry’s workforce training needs, North Mississippi’s four community colleges formed the Mississippi Corridor Consortium, a premier regional network offering training programs tailored to the needs of industry.

Courses offered through the Consortium combine classroom learning with hands-on work, providing immediate skills enhancement to workers. Training programs can also be customized to the specific needs of a business. Instructors may be college personnel, a company employee, or other skilled experts. The courses are offered at no cost to Mississippi businesses.

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Two training facilities are located within the TAP region, one in Corinth and the other in Booneville. Mobile training facilities may be available upon request for onsite training throughout the TAP region.

East Mississippi Community College

The Mayhew campus of East Mississippi Community College is approximately 112 miles from the TAP Region.

Courses Available

View a list of some of the courses available through the Consortium.

Mississippi University Workforce Training Programs

University of Mississippi

The Center for Manufacturing Excellence provides manufacturing education through the mechanical engineering program, professional development courses, and is involved with industry-led research. 92 miles form the TAP region.

Mississippi State University

Mississippi Workforce University offered through the Research and Curriculum Unit offers online courses and professional development training. Additional resources are available for loan. The Division of Academic Outreach and Continuing Education offers online professional development classes through Ed2Go. Multiple courses are offered in the Skilled Trades and Industrial section.

Career and Technology Centers

Alcorn County Career and Technology Center

The Alcorn Career and Technology Center in Corinth, Mississippi, operated by the Alcorn School District, not only prepares high school students for the workforce but also offers night classes to help adults update and upgrade their skills.

Prentiss County Vocational Technical Center

High school students in Prentiss County can obtain vocational training at the Prentiss County Vocational Technical Center in Booneville, Mississippi. Courses include

  • Business & Computer Technology
  • Drafting
  • Automotive Service Technology
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals & Metal Fabrication

Tishomingo County Career and Technical Center

The Tishomingo Center in Tishomingo, Mississippi, helps prepare high school students for careers through vocational training. Courses include

  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Welding
  • Automotive Repair

Tennessee Technology Center at Memphis

Workforce training through traditional and distance learning systems is provided at the Tennessee Technology Center in Memphis, 110 miles from the TAP region. Courses include

  • Machine tool technology
  • Industrial maintenance repair
  • Welding, brazing, and soldering

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