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The three counties of the TAP Alliance have partnered to strengthen our community as a low cost, value centered location for manufacturing and distribution in the United States.  Our services to you are free and confidential and include, but are not limited to:

  • Site and building selection assistance
  • Financing of building improvements and construction of new buildings via the greater bonding authority of the three county alliance
  • Packaging of financing for equipment and machinery for qualified applicants
  • Negotiation of sale or lease terms on real property
  • Negotiation and packaging of incentive offers such as ad valorem tax exemptions, Freeport Warehouse exemptions, periods of no or reduced rent, and state and TVA incentives
  • Packaging of grants and loans for building improvements, infrastructure, access, and site work
  • Negotiation and packaging of job applicant screening and job training & retraining services
  • Negotiation of relocation assistance
  • Assistance to relocatees in finding homes and integrating into the community
  • Long term assistance with company needs

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